A ceilidh (pronounced “kay-lee”) is a gathering of people, (nowadays, the word has become synonymous with a barn dance) throw in a few musicians and an energetic caller and you have a lively night out to remember. Ceilidh dancing is very energetic and great fun, some of the dances are quite fast and people often call out or whoop during the dances.

We are getting a number of enquiries from brides and grooms to be as well as others planning a celebration, requesting a Ceilidh for their special event. As so many people are asking all about it we thought it would be useful to tell you what it is and how you can make an enquiry for your event.

A Ceilidh band normally consists of two or three people, a fiddler, an accordionist and a ‘caller’ to help everyone get into the swing of things and learn the dances. But, line-ups may also include guitarists, drums, keyboards and whistles amongst other instruments.

A Ceilidh is the perfect alternative to a party band or DJ. They make for a successful party as it is a fun way to get families, friends and colleagues to mix and meet, and all age groups love to get involved.

Ceilidh’s are ideal for all social events including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement parties, folk festivals and corporate events. They are particularly good ice breakers at weddings where people may be meeting for the first time.

No prior dancing experience is necessary as all the dances are called – with the caller explaining all the dances in detail – ensuring everyone has great fun no matter how many right and left feet you may have!

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