Back in January 2014 was when we first discussed the idea of starting a new ceilidh series with an emphasis of younger bands and callers.
Although Derby Ceilidhs is a relatively new ceilidh series, the organisers have many years experience with ceilidh and folk events.
Derby Ceilidhs aim is to provide fun and lively dancing to all and to encourage younger people to give ceilidh dancing a go!

picture of darren

Darren Williams

Darren first started ceilidh dancing over 29 years ago when he joined Mumpers Ceilidh Club in Derby. Since then Darren has been involved with the organising of ceilidh events, a dancer with Makeney Morris, designs and maintains many websites for folk clubs including Derby Ceilidhs. Darren can be found on occasions causing havoc on the dance floor along with J²ohn.

picture of darren

J²ohn Stewart

John, also known as J²ohn has been in the English and International folk dance scene longer than he cares to remember. J²ohn is involved with many dance groups, from clubs, festivals and calling to pa, infrastructure, organising and tea boy! J²ohn volunteers as a steward at many festivals and can be found causing havoc on the dance floors across Europe!

picture of sharon

Sharon Williams

Sharon has been dancing longer than she cares to remember. Ceilidh dancing from a young age at Mumpers Ceilidh Club in Derby, morris dancer and musician with Chip Off The Old Ladies Morris and Makeney Morris, French and International folk dancing. Sharon has been involved with the organising of ceilidh dances, folk bands and Morris dance events.